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What is a "Gaming Chair"?

Gaming Chairs were introduced in the mid-2000's as a solution to the back issues plaguing professional eSports gamers, who were spending very long hours seated in high-stress environments.

These uniquely stylized chairs come in many colorful designs, but there is a common set of core features that all gaming chairs share.

The improved comfort and ergonomic support they provide has made these chairs a popular choice for gamers and many professionals in fields requiring full-time desk work.


Gaming Chairs: Features

  • Backrest: High Padded Backrest

  • Neck Support: Detachable/Height-Adjustable Neck Pillow

  • Shoulder Frame: Winged Shoulder Support

  • Armrests: Height-Adjustable Armrests

  • Lumbar (Lower Back) Support: Detachable/Height-Adjustable Lumbar Pillow

  • Seat: Extra Padded Bucket Seat

  • Chair Height: Adjustable

  • Swivel: 360º Swivel

  • Maximum Recline: Usually 155º to 180º

  • Style: Modern, Racing-Style

Common Extra Features:

  • Retractable Footrests

  • Bluetooth Audio Headrests

  • Vibrating Massage Cushions


Gaming Chairs: Pros and Cons


  • Designed to provide maximum ergonomic comfort for extended periods of seating at a computer desk

  • Recline much further back than most other types of chairs, ideal for stretching and resting during long days at the computer

  • Highly customizable features, including adjustable-height armrests, chair height, tilt tension, and recline lock

  • Durable design can usually support more weight than other types of chairs

  • Extra padded, racing-style bucket seat for all-day comfort



  • More difficult to transport due to extra heavy build

  • Could be more difficult to assemble than less complex chairs

  • Potentially unnecessary features for those who sit for only a few hours a day

  • Often more expensive than other types of chairs

  • Flashy styles may not suit some professional environments

  • Thick synthetic leather material is not very breathable, which could be an issue if you have issues with back sweat

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