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Adjustable Tilt Tension

Have you ever looked at all of the different knobs and levers beneath common office chair seats? You've probably seen Tilt Tension among them.

It's the chair feature that allows you to adjust how much force you need to apply against the backrest to rock the chair or recline. Tilt tension is different than tilt lock, which enables you to lock the chair at an angle while you are leaning back.


  • Commonly found on almost all adjustable chairs at no additional cost

  • Useful if you enjoy leaning back or rocking while seated throughout the day

  • Helps relieve and prevent back pain


  • Doesn't allow you to lock in a tilt position

  • Might not be intuitive to users getting their first adjustable chairs

  • Mechanical components could fail not treated well

Is Adjustable Tilt Tension an important feature for you?

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