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Best Chair Types for Work vs. Play

There are many types of chairs for different uses. Finding the right one can be a time-consuming and frustrating task. Fortunately, you don't need to be an expert to find the perfect match. Read below for our recommended chair types for work and play, or take the Chair Finder Quiz to find the perfect chair for any activity.

Best Chairs for Working:

1. Office Task Chairs

  • Why: Task Chairs boost productivity because ergonomic backrests with lumbar support will make you support yourself to sit upright. These chairs are great for getting a lot done, but you'll start getting uncomfortable after 2 - 3 hours without a break.

2. Executive Chairs

  • Why: Executive Chairs have high backs that will provide continuous support from your seat to your head for all-day comfort. These are great if you want to mix comfort with professional aesthetic.


Best Chairs for Playing:

1. Gaming Chairs

  • Why: Gaming Chairs are known for their race-car style bucket seats, head and back support pillows, and flashy colors. You'll feel like you are in a video game while playing in a gaming chair.

2. Rocker Chairs

  • Why: Rocker Chairs are also designed with gamers in mind. They often have bluetooth wireless speakers built in their headrests and the ability to freely rock back and forth will provide an extra-immersive gaming experience.


Best Chair for Work & Play:

1. Executive Gaming Chairs

  • Why: Executive Gaming Chairs have a mix of features found on gaming chairs and executive chairs. The result is a modern-looking, cushioned, ergonomic hybrid chair that is great for both working and playing.


So, which type of chair is right for you?

Click on the chairs above to view on Amazon on click on the button to take the Chair Finder Quiz.

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