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Chair Finder Quiz - Shoppers helping Shoppers

Spending too long researching chair?

Wish for a magic AI that already knows what you want?

You are not alone!

That’s why we're developing

A crowd-sourced shopping tool to find the best chair for you,

quickly and with confidence.

Watch our video below to see how it works!


  • is a crowd-sourced AI shopping assistant.

  • Our Goal is to let crowd learning help shoppers help each other to quickly find the chairs that suit their individual needs & tastes.

  • Benefits : No more hours spent looking through similar chairs. We’ll find the one that best matches what's important to you, like price, features, and style.

  • Privacy : We do not keep, track, or sell shopper information.

  • Unbiased : We’re brand and seller independent, and we recommend only the top-rated chairs that we and other buyers think you’ll love.

  • Funding : is an independent research project, whose costs are partially offset by participating merchants whenever our shoppers love our recommendations and decide to buy the chair.

  • Participate : Help us help you! — and millions of other shoppers. Your feedback is what allows us to continually improve the quality of our recommendations for all users. After you receive your recommendation, you'll get a chance to fill out our feedback form.

Click the button to try the quiz and find your chair!

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