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Which Kind of Lumbar Support is Right For You?

Maintaining healthy posture while seated prevents back pain caused by prolonged periods of working while hunched over a desk.

Good lumbar (lower back) support aligns the curvature of a chair’s lower backrest to the natural curvature of your spine, which improves comfort and long-term health. Types of lumbar support include: Ergonomic, Pillow, Padded, and Adjustable. The right choice depends on your personal needs.


1. Ergonomic Lumbar Support

Ergonomic (un-cushioned) lumbar support is built into the shape of the chair’s backrest.

  • Pro: This is commonly found in mesh office task chairs because the upright design improves productivity for short periods of sitting.

  • Con: Without cushions or adjustability, it is not the most comfortable option, so it isn’t a good choice for all-day usage, or for sharing with multiple others that have different body types.


2. Pillow Lumbar Support

Lumbar support pillows are almost exclusively found on gaming chairs.

  • Pro: They are often detachable and can be raised or lowered against the backrest, providing some customization.

  • Con: They can be uncomfortable for the first couple weeks of use, but they will conform to your individual back shape to provide great support and comfort.


Padded Lumbar Support

Padded lumbar support is found on many traditional and racing-style executive chairs.

  • Pro: It is a fine option for the average home office worker seeking a comfortable and supportive chair.

  • Con: The degree of comfort and support depends on cushion materials, (e.g. memory foam), but many can conform to individual body types over time.


Adjustable Lumbar Support

Adjustable lumbar support is usually found on high-end executive mesh office chairs.

  • Pro: Allows for fine-tuned lumbar support for any body type, which is great for relieving and preventing lower back pain caused by prolonged seating.

  • Con: It is generally the most expensive form of lumbar support and requires extra time to put together and maintain due to the mechanical parts.

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