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Want to sit like a boss? Try an Executive Chair

Executive Chairs are designed to evoke a sense of power and luxury.

Executive chairs are very popular across a broad spectrum of professional and casual users because they often combine features and designs from multiple styles of chairs, including classic leather, racing-style, gaming chairs, mesh ergonomic chairs, and more.

Although the features of individual executive chairs may vary, there is a set of distinguishing characteristics that make executive chairs stand out from others in an office or at home.

Common Qualities:

  • The high back design provides continuous support from the seat to the headrest

  • They are often a mixture of multiple chair designs and features

    • Great for big & tall people, or anyone who enjoys luxury-style aesthetics and comfort

    • Usually extra padded seat cushions and padded armrests

  • Some are designed to be sat in for more than eight hours at a time

  • Most are designed with robust ergonomic spinal support

  • Usually made of premium or premium-style materials

  • They are usually bulkier and less mobile than other types of chairs

Other Features:

  • 360º Swivel

  • Wheels (casters) for rolling

  • Rocking and Resting Modes

  • Seat Height Adjustment

  • Tilt Tension

  • Extra Features: Retractable footrest, Lumbar massager


Types of Executive Chairs

Executive Chairs often incorporate features and design styles from different types of chairs, both classic and modern.

Hover over the images below for descriptions, and click to view on Amazon:

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