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The Two Chair Mobility Features Every Multitasker Needs

Don't you hate getting up out of your super comfortable chair every time you need to cross the room or simply turn around? Look for these two mobility to maximize your efficiency at home or in the office.

1. Swiveling

Swivel chairs allow you to rotate in place while staying seated in your chair. They are especially useful for home offices, gaming, and creative work that requires multiple computer monitors or desk surfaces that you frequently want to go back and forth between.


  • These chairs reduce the need to pick up or slide a chair to access different parts of the same work area.

  • The 360º spin enables multi-taskers to optimize mobility in limited spaces.


  • These chairs are typically a bit more expensive and can sometimes be annoying to people who prefer a solid, stable place to sit.

  • Swiveling is not a feature commonly found on kneeling and rocker chairs.


2. Rolling

Rolling chairs allow you to remain seated as you quickly glide across a room. They are especially useful in large, spread out home offices or studios and moving around heavy gaming and executive chairs.


  • Rolling optimizes work efficiency, especially when combined with swivel functionality.

  • Helpful when you must move heavy chairs often, such as rolling under a desk to save space when not in use.


  • Wheels may be less effective on some surfaces, like carpets, and could leave scuff marks on hard floors.

  • Wheels could potentially break off if the chair isn't handled carefully.

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