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Haven't you heard? You can get a chair with built-in wireless speakers

A chair headrest with built-in wireless audio speakers -- sounds pretty cool, right?

Audio headrests have been a popular premium feature in Gaming Chairs for a while, as they provide more immersive gameplay without the need for purchasing expensive and potentially uncomfortable headphones.

Recently, these headrests have increased the popularity of Gaming Chairs among non-gamers, who also enjoy the convenience of built-in speakers for listening to music, casual games, movies, and TV through personal surround sound systems.


  • Great for listening to music while working long hours and after-work entertainment

  • Play wireless audio from gaming consoles, including Sony Playstation, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox One

  • Wirelessly connect with bluetooth enabled devices: mobile phones, tablets, laptops

  • Surround sound speakers produce immersive audio experiences

  • Most chairs include audio input ports for wired devices


  • Some chairs have battery-powered speakers, but others must be plugged into a power source

  • Audio headrests are primarily designed for gaming and rocker chairs, so options will be limited for those seeking chairs designed for work in addition to entertainment

  • An audio headrest is a luxury feature, so expect to pay more

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